Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Miles, More Smiles

I rode six out of the last seven days; I took Wednesday off to give my legs a rest.  The weather here has been very good (if not a bit cold some of the mornings), so I haven't yet had to ride in the rain.

I put on just over 57 miles this last week (almost exactly split between commuting and pleasure riding).  About a third of the way into my ride today, I saw two fully spandexed riders in my mirror as I was on a long, shallow climb.  I managed to keep them behind me for five minutes as I kicked it up a notch, but they did eventually overtake me (they of course were very friendly and probably didn't even realize that I was a huffin' and puffin' to keep them from passing me).  After making it up this hill and weaving around a bit, the route today had over a solid mile with a nice decent on a very smooth mode without a lot of traffic.  Since I mostly paid for that decent up front, it was quite a bit of fun and it's a route I'll ride again.

I'm very happy with both the Sofrider bike and the modifications I've made to it (the triple crank and adjustable stem).  The front wheel developed a pinging sound this week that I eventually traced down to two loose spokes today. I'm still working out the kinks of attaching the pannier securely, but hopefully I'll have an update soon as to how I solved that issue.

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  1. Charles, it sounds like you're enjoying the commute, the bike and the chance to be out in the manageable weather. Great little kids you've got, too.