Monday, February 20, 2012

About Me


Recumbent - Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining.
Quant - An expert in the use of mathematics and related subjects.

That pretty much describes me (although I'll leave it to others to decide if the "expert" is the right noun).

I'm an ex-high energy physicist (last working on the CMS experiment at CERN) who is now a quant at a hedge fund.  (This is actually a common happening for high energy physicists!).  I'm married  (to Kate) and am the father of two wonderful (although not always well behaved) children.

Since moving to Connecticut, I have been trying to get in better shape by regularly riding bicycles.  I just bought a Cruzbike Sofrider, which is a front wheel drive short wheel base recumbent bicycle.

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