Monday, February 27, 2012

First Time Commuting by Bicycle

Today was the first day I commuted to my "new" job by bicycle (and by new I mean I've only been there for about 9 months).  I only live 3 miles away and if it weren't for the hills, it would be almost too easy.  It takes under 15 minutes if I push it hard and which is exactly what I did since it was really quite cold this morning (about 20° F) and I wanted to get warm.

There are showers at work, so I can just shower there instead of at home.  I bought a pannier to attach to the side of my rack to carry my work cloths.  So far, everything is working out pretty well and biking instead of driving doesn't seem that much more difficult.  I found that I actually had a lot more energy this morning than a usual Monday morning.

A friend of mine Avneet was nice enough to take this picture when I was on my way home.  This is me in full battle gear (except for my helmet which I did put on before riding home).

On a different note, today I learned that one can load GPX files up to one's Garmin Activities account. GPX files are a general format for GPS tracking software (such as MyTracks for Android which is free and very useful).  This is very useful for people who already have a Garmin sports GPS so now I can put all of my tracks in the same place.  Even if you don't own a Garmin device, you can still get a free account and keep track of your progress, so everybody with a smart phone and GPS should be good to go.  Once uploaded to this website, it's easy to share any rides you want with other people (this one is from yesterday).

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