Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Thousand Miles!

I put the monkeys down for a nap and jumped on my bike and went for a nice 22 mile ride.
About half way into the ride, I realized that my bike wasn't handling very well at all.  I stopped, and sure enough I had a flat rear tire.  It took me about 15 minutes to get the tire changed (actually, it went pretty smoothly) and back on the bike.
With this ride, I am over 2,000 miles on my Cruzbike Sofrider in the 9½ months.  It's definitely had it's ups and downs (particularly since there are hills here - ha ha!).  I've ridden a bit more than 70 miles pulling my big monkey (or my nephew monkey) on the trail-a-bike, another 60+ miles pulling both of my monkeys in the trailer, and another 120+ miles pulling just the small monkey in the trailer (for just over 260 miles of pulling monkeys).  Not bad for an old man.
Considering I probably haven't ridden a total of 2,000 in all previous years combined, I'm quite pleased. I have been very impressed with the Sofrider and definitely would recommend it.

My year-to-date stats on my Sofrider.

It's still been cold and dark in the mornings, so I haven't been biking into work.  It certainly won't be light for a while, but I do have hope that we might get a break on the cold.