Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloomin' Metric Century

My friend Andrew and I have decided to do the Bloomin' Metric Century on May 20th (100 km or 62 miles).  Registering is the easy part.  Now all we have to do is train for it.

Bike New York has a nice page for training for an (imperial) century.  Andrew and I took their training numbers in miles, took them as kilometers instead of miles, and converted them to miles.

(For the 8th week, the century distance is not included.  As for most big events, the mileage the last week (or so) drops off).

I'm already riding 50+ miles a week (I rode 65 last week).  If I actually manage to ride to work each day (for a total of 32 miles), that plus the long ride means I've pretty much met the mileage goal (Andrew is in a very similar situation with his daily commute about a half mile longer than mine).  


  1. If you're already comfortable at 50+miles on a ride, this Metric won't be a problem, unless there is some sort of major change in terrain compared to what you are regularly riding.

    Have fun!

  2. I haven't done a ride longer than 18 miles in... in..., well, in a really long time (not in this millennium at least). But that being said, I'm pretty confident that if I follow the training above, I'll finish the metric century without too much trouble.

    The terrain where I'm training is similar to the ride, so I should be o.k. there too.

    I'll get there. I just need to work a bit first. :) Thanks! Charles