Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Good Weekend

This last weekend was the first weekend I didn't have to work the holiday this year and we took good advantage of it.  I got the trailer attached to Kate's bike and the trail-a-bike hooked up to my Sofrider and off we went.  We did a nice 7½ mile ride around Rowayton (part of Norwalk).  It was Kate's first ride of the year and we're off to a great start.

Kate pulling the little monkey in the trailer.

The big monkey and me.  What a gorgeous day.

On Saturday I went out for my longest ride of the year (just shy of 24 miles with 1250 feet of climbing).  I haven't been to New York by bike for a while and it was another gorgeous day.  I've clearly lost some of my fitness over the winter, but it's not horrible.
On Sunday I went for another ride.  I started off with a familiar route, but ended up exploring a lot of new territory.  I was about 15 miles into the ride  well until the pulley of the front derailleur of my Sofrider died.
I was able to get the derailleur shifted into the middle ring and made it home without further incident.

I rode just shy of 50 miles this weekend.  This brings my year-to-date total up to 180 miles, more than a fifth of which is pulling one or more monkeys.  I've ordered a new pulley (and today I received the new tire for my Cruzigami Mantis).  So, all-in-all, a very nice start to spring and riding this year.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the parts failure. Glad you were able to find a quick fix to get you home.