Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Good Couple Weeks

In the two weeks since my last post, I've done nine rides for a total of just over 130 miles.  Five of the rides have been commuting to work and back for a total of 60 miles.  Admittedly since I live only 3.25 miles from work, I wasn't always going the direct route.

Ten days ago, I got two rides in on the weekend.  I first went for a ten mile jaunt pulling the little monkey in his trailer.  It was starting to rain as I got to the base of the big climb on that ride, so I chickened out and turned around.  I won't even try to convince you that if it wasn't starting to rain that I would have climbed the hill.  On Sunday, I did a nice 25 miler just over the New York state line and back.  I tried to something different on the way back, but ended up on the same route a little too soon.  Maybe I'll have better luck next time getting lost.

This past weekend the weather was gorgeous.  This time of year is my favorite as we still get lots of light, but the heat is starting to recede.  On Saturday, Andrew and I went for a quick ride with me pulling the little monkey in the trailer.  There was no rain so I had no excuses.  We tried to find a new loop, but decided it was on streets that were too busy to pull a trailer, so ended up doing a big loop that had me climbing several hills.  Pulling that extra weight up the hills really does give me a good workout.  I noticed that it was significantly easier than last time, largely because it was just enough cooler that my body wasn't terribly over-heating.

A nice park in the middle of our ride.

Ducks Geese  on the pond.  If you look closely, you can see some of the geese with their heads underwater and their butts up in the air.  I really find that position quite funny.

The little monkey holding his sunglasses in his trailer.  You can make out his water bottle stashed in the pocket on the trailer on the left and his "cell phone" in the right pocket.  They both seem to keep him quite content.

On Sunday, I got a chance to go for another ride with my friend Tom.  Just under 18 miles total and about a mile or two from the state line, it was another gorgeous day. On our way back, we saw a father on a road bike and his son riding a mountain bike with knobby tires.  As I was passing them going down hill, I told the father that changing his son's tires for something smooth would let him go a lot faster on his bike.  The father asked if he could get such tires and seemed very excited when I told him that my Sofrider had the same size wheels as his son's bike.  I've never sold tires while riding down a hill before.

All-in-all, a very nice couple of weeks. All of the upgrades I talked about last time are working well and I can report that the air horn does indeed get drivers attention when needed. Hopefully I'll have another upbeat update coming soon!


  1. Charles, I think those 'ducks' are actually Canadian geese from the head markings, most of 'em any way.

    Looks like you had some nice rides!

  2. Hi Vic,

    Actually I'm sure they are geese and not ducks. I'm not sure why I wrote it that way. Ummm... Errr... To see if you were paying attention. That must be it. :)

    (And for whatever it's worth, they are unfortunately called Canada Geese and not Canadian Geese which I think would make much more sense).