Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bad Bike-Ma?

July has been a tough month for bicycling.  First, my front wheel almost fell off. Next, I fell over (scraping up my pride and my elbow).  Last week between constraints with Kate out of town and the weather, I didn't ride in to work a single time.  And, to top it all off yesterday, the shifter cable running to my front derailleur broke while I was on a ride pulling the little monkey in the trailer. I did ride the remaining 2.5 miles home using only my granny gear up front, but in an effort to hit the lap button on my Garmin, I accidentally hit the stop button.

See if you can spot the wild turkeys?  I took the picture and it still took me a couple of minutes to find one.

Before the cable broke, it was a nice ride.  We saw a family of wild turkeys (although when I stopped to take a picture, they had pretty well hidden themselves).  This is my longest ride pulling a monkey so far (16.3 miles) and I felt pretty good at the end of it (I could have gone further if it weren't for the broken shifter cable and the monkey starting to get cranky).

In any case, I've ordered new shifters so that hopefully I'll be up and running mid-week.  And since that will be August, so maybe my bike-ma (and karma) will be on the up and up.

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